Lady in the Green Dress: A Night in Deep Ellum

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Since it's summer I have had a ton of free time on my hands. I've had the opportunity to visit new bars, restaurants, and spend a lot of time with my friends and family. If we're being completely honest here..I feel like this break is much deserved. With the organized chaos that is college, it has felt really good to be able to enjoy late nights and early mornings without having to truck to class the next day.

With that being said one of my favorite places to visit has been Deep Ellum. If you're unfamiliar with what Deep Ellum is it's an entertainment district that's known for its vibrant street art, art galleries, and long-time concert venues (It's also a great place to shoot for my DFW bloggers). They have a ton of different shops, restaurants, and hidden gems that I've fallen in love with. 

There's this restaurant called Serious Pizza that is the There were also a ton of Boba Tea restaurants and if you're obsessed with Boba like me, you just might cry.

As far as my outfit selection for the night I decided to throw on a cute but comfortable dress that I picked up from Fashion Nova. This green glittery dress was definitely something that I normally wouldn't reach for but I decided that my wardrobe needed a little razzle-dazzle. I paired the dress with my favorite Steve Madden booties and enjoyed my night on the town. 

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For some people a place like Deep Ellum can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you're someone that's new to the Dallas nightlife or just new to nightlife in general.

In order to make sure that your head isn't spinning at the end of the night I have a few tips that should help keep you sane:

  1. You don't have to go EVERYWHERE in one night, remember you can always come back
  2. Take advantage of the scenery (get your IG model on)
  3. Don't be afraid to talk to people, I met some pretty interesting people while I was there 
  4. Soak in the culture 
  5. Go with the flow of the night!

Deep Ellum is a pretty cool place to visit, and it's a great way to experience something new besides the normal club dress and heels type of vibe. Don't be afraid to try new things (if you don't stop at Serious Pizza while you're there I will hunt you down) and don't over plan the night. As OCD as I am about planning everything, nights like this always go better when you don't try to organize every step of the way. 

Have you visited Deep Ellum? What are some of your favorite hidden gems in your town? Let me know in the comments below. 

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